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Managed Google Play User Accounts

Updated on September 30th, 2020

This article explains what managed Google Play user accounts are and how to manage these accounts for users in Miradore. Normally, these accounts are created automatically when a Work profile is enabled to a device or Managed Google Play applications are deployed onto a device.


Miradore will create managed Google Play user accounts for each user of a device when:

Normally, administrators don’t have to create managed Google Play user accounts for users in your Miradore site. However, you can navigate to Company > Users and use the Managed Google Play >Create managed Google Play account action.


Managed Google Play user account details can be seen from the User page.


Account details

Shows general information about the managed Google Play account.


Shows the user’s Android devices that have work profile enabled. These devices are valid for managed Google Play app deployments and management.

Allowed applications

Shows available managed Google Play applications that user can access from the managed Google Play store. Administrators can configure what applications are allowed for different users.


Shows managed Google Play application entitlements for the user. In other words, application licenses that are provisioned/allocated to the user. The user has the right to use provisioned applications on any of his/her devices. Administrators can control what applications are available to the user in his/her managed Google Play store. When a user installs an application from the managed Google Play store or one is installed from the Miradore console, an entitlement is automatically created and allocated.

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