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How to remove deployed files?

Updated on October 3rd, 2022

This article shows how to remove deployed files from managed devices. If you're interested in file management, consider upgrading your site to the Premium Plan. See more in How to upgrade subscription for further information.

The successfully deployed files for each device are visible on the Deployments tab of the Device page.

You can undeploy files using the trashcan icon. Clicking the trashcan icon starts the Remove file wizard for the selected file.

Removing files using the trashcan icon pointed out.

During the first step, the remove file wizard verifies that you wish to remove the correct file from the device. Click Remove to confirm.

On the last screen of the remove file wizard, you'll see a notification that tells you whether the uninstall request was successfully added to the queue. You may exit the deployment wizard by clicking Close.

After the file has been successfully uninstalled, it disappears from the list of deployed files. You may need to refresh the page to verify this.

File deployments shown on Miradore.

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