Over time, several publications have included Miradore Online in their articles about or lists of mobile device management (MDM) vendors. Below are a few in which we are listed or mentioned as a preferred provider, for which we are proud to share:



This article written by contributor Lisa Phifer forTechTarget, one of our favorite publications, primarily covers the availability of open source MDM tools but also mentions free MDM tools, listing Miradore Online as an option.



This article, “MDM for Android Devices: What Your Business Needs to Know,” ZDNet writer Jack Wallen discusses why MDM is necessary in today’s organizations. Miradore Online is mentioned as a preferred solution.



Computer Business Review

According to Sabrina Dougall, the editor compiling CBR‘s “Best Mobile Management Software in 2018,” we couldn’t agree more: MDM is “moving towards the crux of digital risk management.”

Miradore Online is cited “for businesses on a tight budget” and is “simple to use and set up.”

Best mobile management software in 2018


This article describes both the security and appropriate use issues with mobile devices, and proceeds to explain why an MDM solution is essential. Comparitech‘s “10 Top Mobile Device Management (MDM) Tools & Software” by writer Stephen Cooper lists and profiles ten MDM solutions, of which Miradore Online is included.




The “5 Best Free Mobile Device Management Software” by web-based ListofFreeware.com positions Miradore Online first on its list.



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