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Restrictions for Android on Samsung Safe/Knox devices

Updated on September 21st, 2023

Restriction configuration profiles are described thoroughly in the About restrictions article. The article explains how to configure and deploy restrictions for managed devices, and also how the restrictions can be lifted.

This article focuses on introducing what restrictions are supported for Android devices and whether there are any platform-specific requirements for the use of restrictions.


Generally, restriction configuration profiles can be applied to Samsung SAFE-enabled devices running Android version 4.2 or newer, but this requires Miradore Android client version 2.2.10 or newer, and the device end-user must also accept the Samsung For Enterprise Privacy Policy from the client. Any further restriction-specific requirements are mentioned in the descriptions below.

Restriction configuration profiles are available in the Miradore paid plan. The restriction configuration profiles are not included in the Free plan of Miradore.

Please note that these restrictions don't work with Work profile or Fully managed with work profile (COPE) devices.

Available restrictions

Below you can find a list of all restrictions supported on the Android platform. Tab names are underlined.

Data and connectivity


Defines whether the use of Wi-Fi is allowed.


Defines whether the use of Bluetooth is allowed.

Cellular data

Defines whether the use of cellular data is allowed.

Data roaming

Defines whether the use of cellular data is allowed while the device is roaming.


Application uninstall

Defines whether the device end-users are allowed or denied to uninstall applications.


Defines whether the use of the camera is allowed or denied. Users or third-party applications cannot enable the camera once it is disabled.

Factory reset

Defines whether the user is allowed or denied to reset their device to its factory settings.

  • Important: Make sure you always remember the possible passcode of your Samsung device because denying the factory reset will also prevent the device from being hard reset. There is no way to reset, restore or keep using the device without a password if the factory reset has been prevented with Miradore.

Safe mode restart

Defines whether restarting the device to Samsung Safe mode is allowed.

Firmware flashing

Defines whether firmware flashing via Download mode, Over-the-Air (OTA) or via computer using Samsung Kies is allowed. This requires a device that supports Samsung KNOX Standard 5 or later (Android version 4.4.2) and has Miradore Online Client version 2.3.12 or later installed.

Google Play store

Defines whether the use of the Google Play store is allowed or denied.

Install from unknown sources

Defines whether installing applications from unknown sources, i.e. other than Google Play, is allowed. Please note that denying installation of applications from sources other than Google Play Store effectively blocks application installations from other app markets and manual installations of APK packages, but it does not disable APK installations via ADB. So although this blocks most end-users from installing unwanted applications, end-users with proper knowledge can work their way around this.

Device administration removal

Defines whether the user is allowed to remove device administration rights from the Miradore Online Android client application. Please note that denying the removal of administrative rights from Miradore Online Client also blocks the uninstallation of the client, since uninstallation of applications with administration rights is not possible.

Setting changes

Defines whether accessing or modifying device settings is allowed.

Force GPS state

Forces the GPS state to enabled or disabled. When this restriction is set, the end-user can't change the GPS state.

Over-the-Air system upgrades

Defines whether the Over-the-Air operating system upgrades are allowed.

Deny force-stop applications

Defines a list of applications (package names) that cannot be force stopped by the user. Requires Miradore client version 2.3.12 or newer.

Deny device admin removal applications

Defines a list of applications (package names) whose device administration rights the user can't remove. If the specified application is installed after this has already been deployed, the rule will be enforced when the device syncs with Miradore for the first time after installation. Requires client version 2.3.14 or newer.

Software information on your device

In order to see information about the software your Samsung device is running go to Settings > About phone > Software Information and you will see the following information

Samsung phone software information

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