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Collected Windows 10 Inventory

Updated on September 30th, 2020

This article lists all inventory information collected from Windows 10 devices. To familiarize yourself with device inventory, see About device inventory.

Class Attributes
Battery Plugged in, Remaining, Estimated run time
BIOS Manufacturer, Serial number, SMBIOS version, Version, Release date, Software identification
CPU Name, Manufacturer, Description, Cores, Speed, Data width, L2 cache size, Type, Architecture
Device Computer name, Manufacturer, Model, Version, Serial number, Firmware version, Installed memory (RAM), Local time, Radio software version
Deployed Wi-Fi configurations SSID, Auto join, Security mode
Devices and drives Drive type, File system, Free space, Size, Volume name, Volume serial number
Installed applications Name, Version, Publisher, Identifier, Source
Memory modules Tag, Capacity, Manufacturer, Part number, Serial number, Device locator, Form factor, Speed, Data width, Total width
Network connections MAC address. IPv4 address, IPv6 address, Connected, Connection type
OS Windows edition, Operating system version, Operating system language, Edition upgrade status, License key type
Patches Vendor, Name, Version, Description, Severity, Release date, Bulletin ID with link, CVE, KB number, Patch installation status
Security Secure boot, User account control status, Antivirus status, Antivirus definitions, Antispyware status, Antispyware definitions, Firewall status, Encrypted
Service packs Vendor, Product name, Service pack, Installation status, End of life date
SIM IMEI, IMSI ICCID. Phone number, Operator name, Current roaming state, Complies with enterprise roaming policy


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