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How to manage version updates for Android APK applications

Updated on October 3rd, 2022

With Miradore, you can manage multiple versions of the same application. This article instructs how you can update in-house applications that you have previously deployed to your devices using the application packages (APKs). Miradore application management feature is for Miradore Premium Plan customers,

How to add a new APK version to Miradore?

Add a new version of the application to Miradore the same way you would add an application the first time. Different versions of the application have the same identifier (a.k.a package name), which links them together.

1. Go to Management > Applications and click Add > Android application.

2. Choose the application type APK (file upload) or APK (external URL).

3. Fill in the details and press Create.

Fill the application details in Miradore.

How to view versions and update devices?

You can find all available versions of the application side by side from the Application page in Miradore. Go to Miradore > Management > Applications and choose the application.

F-Secure mobile security on the application page.

When you want to update your devices with a new version, select the version and open the Version page.

  • If you want to update the new version only to specified devices, choose Actions > Update application.
  • In case you want to update all the applicable devices with the version, choose Actions > Update to all devices.

Version page shown under the F-Secure mobile security.

Deploying application updates with business policies

If you have used a business policy to automate the application deployment, update the business policy with the new version. Go to Management > Business policies and open the Business policy that you want to edit.

Update application on business policy

  1. It is good to disable the Business policy while editing it. This means that Business policy is not applied to the devices when it is modified. Remember to enable the policy after editing.
  2. Select the application you wish to edit.
  3. Choose the action Edit application. Update the Business policy with the new application version details.

After you have enabled the business policy, the Devices tab shows how compliant the related devices are with the business policy.

Devices tab on business policy in Miradore.

Hover over an exclamation mark icon, and you can see the exact status of the business policy deployment on a device.

Read how to troubleshoot application deployment, in case you face problems with the update.

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