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Release Notes & Announcements > What's New in Miradore

Improvements to business policies and Android management on 8th of June, 2021

Updated on June 17th, 2021

Here’s a short summary of the new features and improvements we're releasing today.

Control the deployment order of business policy items

Administrators can now specify the deployment order of the apps, files, and configuration profiles contained in a business policy.

For more details, see Managing the deployment order of business policy items.

New tab “Deployments” added to the Device page

We have moved the device-specific deployment information to the new Deployments tab on the Device page. On the new tab, you will also find more detailed status information about the device's business policy compliance.

For more details, see Business policy deployment.

Enforce Android location settings

You can now remotely manage the location settings of your Android devices with a configuration profile (Android > Restrictions > Location control). You can, for example, enable the use of GPS for device positioning and prevent the device user from disabling the location services.

For more details, see How to remotely manage and enforce location settings on Android.

Manage Android Factory Reset Protection accounts

You can now specify which accounts can be used to unlock factory reset protected Android devices after an unauthorized factory reset.

For more details, see How to manage Android factory reset protection accounts.

Other improvements and resolved issues

    • Removing an item from a business policy will now ask if you also wish to undeploy the item from the devices.
    • When wiping Android devices, you can now choose whether you wish to erase the embedded sim card, external memory card, and factory reset protection data.
    • Retrying the deployment of managed app configurations didn't previously work properly on Android.
    • The serial number was previously incorrectly reported for certain Samsung devices with Android 11.
    • Improved the error handling regarding certificate issues for the Android's Wi-Fi configuration profile.