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Business policy deployment

Updated on June 9th, 2021

Miradore Business policy is a feature, which allows administrators to automate the deployment of apps, configuration profiles, files and certificates. This article explains the basic rules related to the deployment and how to monitor the deployment status.

Good to know about the deployment

When you have created a business policy, change its status to Enabled.

Enabled business policy

Enabled business policy deploys applications, configuration profiles, files, and certificates to the applicable devices when they connect to the Miradore server. If you have defined dependencies between policy items, these will be deployed in the specified order. The administrator can also speed up the deployment with Sync now -action on the Business policy page. This will sync all the devices in the scope of the policy.

Sometimes it might seem that there is a delay in a business policy deployment. There are some rules behind the deployment logic that are good to know:

  • If a configuration profile, the application version, a certificate, or a file exists on a device, it won't be deployed again.
  • If a device has an older version of an in-house or uploaded application than the policy, the policy updates the newer version to the device.
  • The business policy item with status Queued, Waiting, In progress, or Postponed, is not deployed again.
  • When the deployment of a policy item has failed over 5 times, it is not deployed again. You can reset the deployment from the Business policy page with the action Retry failed deployments.
  • If the deployment fails or gets canceled, the deployment gets postponed until two hours.

How to see the deployment status

From the Action log, you can follow the statuses for all the deployments of your site. You can find the Action log also from the Device page for seeing the deployment status of an individual device. On the Device page, there is also the Deployments tab which shows the deployment status of each business policy related to the device.

Deployments of a device

The best overall status of the policy deployment you can see from the Business policy page. There are two tabs, Deployments and Devices, which gives you various information about the deployments for the devices in the scope of the business policy.

deployments in Business policy

devices in the scope of business policy



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