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Application integrations with Miradore

Updated on April 25th, 2024

The Premium+ subscription plan allows you to integrate your Miradore site with powerful third-party applications to reach your business goals more efficiently.

In Miradore, check out the Integrations feature at System > Integrations.

Currently, you can integrate your Miradore site with Microsoft Entra ID to automate device user management and to benefit from using automated workflows.

Stay tuned, as more applications are planned to be available for integration with Miradore in the future.


  • You may need to update the browser privacy settings to properly work with integrations:
        • Firefox: check that Custom protection settings are selected and cross-domain cookie support is enabled.
        • Safari: disable the Prevent cross-site tracking option.

Note: You need these updated browser settings only when creating the integration on the General tab, or for making changes to the settings on the General tab. After you have set up the integration, you can return to using the default browser settings.

  • Creating the connection to an application can fail when using the incognito mode of the Google Chrome browser.

Microsoft Entra ID integration

Integrating Miradore with Microsoft Entra ID enables near real-time user synchronization from Microsoft Entra ID to Miradore, which ensures that user lists in Miradore are kept up-to-date continuously. The integration frees you from copying or entering user data manually and using CSV files. Manual data entry is laborious, error-prone, and may violate privacy laws when managed improperly.

User data that is updated near real-time provides enhanced device management, for example, by making device assignment to users significantly easier.

Learn more on how to automate user management with the Microsoft Entra ID integrations option.

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