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Technology integrations

Updated on October 12th, 2022

Miradore integrates with many technology partners enabling you to manage your devices smarter and more efficiently.

Apple Business/School Manager

Apple Business or School Manager is Apple’s web portal where IT administrators can see Apple devices bought by their organization and buy app licenses in bulk.

Miradore integrates with the Apple Business/School Manager enabling out-of-the-box device provisioning and easy management of application licenses and deployments.

Apple custom configuration profiles

Administrators can extend Miradore's Apple device management capabilities with Custom configuration profiles that carry MDM payloads (.mobileconfigs).

Google’s Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise is Google’s framework for enabling the use of Android devices and apps in the workplace. Miradore is a validated partner in Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended EMM solutions program.

Google’s Zero-touch enrollment

Miradore is a Google Partner for Zero-touch Enrollment (ZTE).

With Zero-Touch Enrollment, devices are enrolled into MDM and configured when first turned on out of the box, and the management will persist even over factory resets, making the devices theft-proof.


Technology partner for the operating system and 3rd party software patch management on Windows and macOS devices.

Microsoft Active Directory

Miradore's Microsoft Active Directory connector enables to import of user information from AD to Miradore.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Azure AD is a cloud identity management service that organizations use to access Office 365 and business applications from Microsoft and third parties.

Miradore integrates with Azure AD, allowing your devices to be registered in Azure AD and enrolled into Miradore MDM in an integrated flow.

Microsoft Login

Active users can sign into Miradore using Microsoft work or school accounts created by their organization.

Microsoft’s Policy CSP

Miradore's Windows 10 and 11 management capabilities can be extended with Custom configuration profiles targeting Windows Policy CSP.

Miradore Management Suite

Data export integration for transferring data about Android and iOS devices to Miradore Management Suite which is Miradore’s on-premise device management software.

Miradore MSP Portal

MSP Portal is a central location to view and manage many customer instances of Miradore. It is specifically designed to help service providers to serve their customers more efficiently.

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) simplifies the initial setup and enrollment of Samsung devices, especially when deploying new devices in bulk.

Miradore is Samsung’s registered partner and is compatible with Knox Mobile Enrollment.


Remote assistance for Android, Apple, and Windows devices.

Miradore APIs

Miradore APIs can be used to integrate Miradore with external information systems.

Miradore API

Miradore API v2

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