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Update to Miradore Online Client for Android on June 24th, 2015

Updated on May 4th, 2021

Bug in Android client version 2.2.6

We released a new version of our Android client to address a bug found in previous client version. Client version 2.2.6 contained a bug which caused that the SIM card inventory returned invalid IMSI for the detected SIM card


This incorrect IMSI value then triggers a false "SIM card changed" notification for customers who have enabled this device notification type for them.

The bug was detected in client version 2.2.6



Bug was fixed in client version 2.2.7. It is recommended to upgrade your Miradore Online Client installations to latest available version. Devices that have access to Google Play store will get the update from there or you can download the client .APK installer from Miradore Online site's Infrastructure diagram.

Please note. Customers who have enabled the "SIM card changed" notifications will get one more false alert after the client has been updated. This happens because the previously collected invalid IMSI value will be replaced with the correct value.