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Miradore moved to single domain URL structure and other enhancements

Updated on November 2nd, 2023

The latest release includes the new, single domain URL structure for Miradore and other enhancements listed here.

Miradore moved to single domain URL structure

Miradore has moved to single domain URL structure to be more compliant with the requirements of certain browsers, to improve security, and to provide better service for our customers in the future.

The URL of Miradore changed to single domain architecture, meaning that all customer sites are now under a single domain:


The single domain URL structure change is effective immediately; therefore, to ensure the correct operation, implement the changes described in the Moving Miradore to single domain URL structure article as soon as possible. We have redirected the old URLs to the new URLs, but the redirection might not work with specific browsers. The URLs are planned to be redirected only for two months.

Other enhancements

  • We fixed a minor bug in the logic that defines the text displayed on the empty Dashboard.
  • We added the option to erase or keep the eSIM when retiring a shared iPad.