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Patch Management for Windows Update on November 4th, 2019

Updated on May 4th, 2021

Patch management for Windows


Patch management is a process where code changes, "patches", are deployed to devices to fix, update or upgrade the device's operating system or software products. The purpose of patching is to ensure that devices stay secure and work optimally.

Software vendors release dozens or even hundreds of updates and patches every week. Without an automated process, staying on top of patching is difficult if not impossible.

This service update adds a new feature to Miradore which lets you automate the patching of your Windows devices. The patch management feature is compatible with endpoints running a 64-bit Windows 7 or newer, and it supports Windows quality updates and over 200 software products from almost 100 vendors, including Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Google and Oracle.

The Patch Management detection and reporting features are included in all subscription plans of Miradore, but the patch deployment and automation are available in Miradore Enterprise plan only.

All currently managed Windows 10 devices will receive Miradore Client through an automated deployment. This means that you'll soon be able to see patch management reports about your Windows 10 devices on the Windows dashboard on your Miradore site.

Inventory data of service packs

In addition to patch data, Miradore Client for Windows collects also inventory data of service packs from the managed Windows devices. The Service packs report shows you how many of your applicable devices have a certain service pack installed. You can also find the service pack installation status by product from the Patches tab of the Device page.


Possibility to add and remove dashboards

Site administrators can now create new custom-named dashboards and select which widgets they want to include in that. Also the removal of dashboards is now possible using the toolbar buttons.


Windows 7 & 8 support

You can enroll Windows 7&8 devices using the Miradore Client installer which is available for download at Enrollment > Enroll device > Windows > Light. See Enrolling Windows 7 and 8 devices for instructions.

The Windows management methods article provides more information on Miradore features supported for the different Windows versions.

Other improvements and bug fixes


- The user interface now remembers the last dashboard viewed by user and shows it again when the user returns to the dashboard.

- Updated the texts and links to Apple Business Manager when configuring or renewing Apple Device Enrollment Program.

Fixed bugs:

- Some data in the dashboard widgets was incorrectly filtered to users with reader or editor role when tags were used to limit the users' read access.

- The device link included in the notification email about device enrollment was broken.

- There were unnecessarily two vertical scroll bars on the Company > Attributes > Tags page.

- The layout of the Network connections table was broken on the Device page if the table contained multiple IPv6 addresses.

- Login page threw a system error if the login button was clicked twice or more.