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Release Notes & Announcements > What's New in Miradore

Release Notes on October 9th, 2015

Updated on May 4th, 2021

New iOS restrictions options

iOS restrictions configuration profile was improved to support even more options to lock down or disable device features, applications, services, and content types. When a restriction configuration profile is applied, the end user can no longer modify the state of said feature, without the administrator first removing the profile. New options added in this release allow you to for example:

  • Deny application installation (App Store and/or in-house apps)
  • Deny application removal
  • Enable Autonomous Single App Mode
  • Deny installing configuration profiles
  • Deny factory reset
  • Manage media content ratings

This list just highlights some of the new options. For a full list of restriction options please see Restrictions for iOS. Please also note that some of the available options require the iOS device is in supervised mode. Some of the options are also iOS version specific.

Upload in-house application media to Miradore

When deploying in-house applications for iOS or Android, you have now the option to upload application media directly to Miradore cloud. This is simple and straightforward as you don't need to set up any additional distribution points for the application media. Application media is stored directly to Miradore and that is where the devices download it when application needs to be installed.

Uploading application media for in-house applications is explained in documents:

How to add Android APK download application
How to add iOS In-House application

Updating configuration profile to devices

It is now easier to manage the configurations deployed to your devices. If you modify a configuration profile which has already been deployed, you will get an option to push the updated settings to all the devices where this configuration profile is currently in use.