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How to establish support sessions smoothly

Updated on March 27th, 2024

Remote support is a Premium+ feature that enables administrators to support device users when they need help with their computers and mobile devices. This article explains how to get started smoothly with the support sessions.

The instructions include the use of the Remote support application and a few other aspects that need to be taken into account, separating the topic into sections for mobile devices and desktops.

Android and iOS

There are two different remote support sessions; remote view and remote control. Android supports only remote control sessions and iOS supports only remote view sessions. For support sessions, the application GoTo Resolve needs to be downloaded and installed on mobile devices.

Opening the session from the browser redirects the device user to the application, or to download it, and to enter the support key there. The admin can either deploy the application from Miradore or rely on device users to install it themselves. Please pay attention to the following things to get started smoothly with remote support sessions.

Remote support application for Android

The application can be found in the Google Play Store with the name GoTo Resolve (com.goto.resolve.customer).

When deploying and installing the application, please consider the following things:

  • On Android Work profile devices, the application gets installed into a work profile when the admin deploys it. On these devices, the remote support sessions are limited since the admin can access only the applications in the work profile.
    • To support the whole device with a work profile, the device user needs to install the application into the personal profile with their private account in the Google Play Store.
  • If you want to provide support for the Kiosk mode device, add the GoTo Resolve (com.goto.resolve.customer) application to the "Additional allowed applications" -list of the Kiosk configuration profile.
  • Ensure that on Samsung devices there aren't any blocklist configurations preventing the installation of the Remote support application GoTo Resolve (com.goto.resolve.customer).

Remote support application for iOS

The application can be found in the App Store or in the Apple Business/School Manager with the name GoTo Resolve (App Store ID 1579521522).

  • On supervised iOS devices the following configurations prevent the device user from installing the application: Device functionality restrictions Deny app installation and Deny app installation from App store.
  • Ensure that on iOS devices there aren't any configurations preventing the installation of the application GoTo Resolve (bundle ID com.goto.gotoresolve.customer).
  • On Shared iPad devices the installation from the App Store is denied by default.

Checklist before establishing mobile support sessions

  • Check from the device Accessibility settings that permission is granted for the GoTo Resolve app.
  • Make sure that on Android and iOS devices the restriction denying screen capture is not applied. If the device has the restriction deployed, the remote support does not function properly.
  • If the screen on an Android device gets locked during the session, the admin loses control of the device. The admin can activate the device by typing the passcode remotely.
  • On iOS devices the screen lock stops the screen sharing. After entering the passcode on the device, the user can activate the sharing by pressing the button Show Screen and then starting the broadcast again.

Windows and macOS

Windows and macOS devices support both remote support sessions; remote view and remote control. The remote control in the support sessions requires downloading the application. When initiating the session, the admin can choose the option Request admin mode.

  • Note: If the Request admin mode is selected, the Admin permissions on the computer are required to install the application.

Remote support application for Windows

  • When initiating a support session for Windows device, the admin can choose to keep the application on the device when the session ends with the Keep support applet installed on end-users device -option.

Remote support application for macOS

  • On Mac devices, the application needs to be downloaded and installed at the beginning of every session. The old download won't work with the new session.
  • The Rosetta software is required for a support session from a Mac with an M1 chipset. From application settings, select the Open using Rosetta -option.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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