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The advantages of pilot testing

Updated on November 15th, 2023

Miradore has a crucial but often forgotten possibility to set up a separate pilot group for patch installation. The administrator should test the impact on a group of specified devices before deploying patches to all devices. We highly recommend using this possibility even if it requires some extra effort.

Test a patch with a pilot group

There is a need to find a balance between security and operation for patch management. Every patch changes your environment and, occasionally, may cause issues with different combinations of hardware and software. This is why it is important to test patches and ensure that a patch does not have any unexpected effects on the production environment, which will then impact the business operations.

For example, the patch might break an application or cause unexpected reboots. Sometimes the patch might include an update that needs more careful planning. With the pilot group representing the production environment, you can detect these issues before the patch is deployed to all devices. Please remember to keep users in the pilot group informed that they can report any possible problems without delay.

Use patch management to ensure that the devices stay secure and work optimally and start it by deploying patches to the carefully selected pilot group.

Find out more about patch management and pilot testing in Miradore.


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