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Release Notes & Announcements > What's New in Miradore

Windows 10 bulk enrollment and custom configuration profiles for Apple devices on 7th of July, 2021

Updated on July 12th, 2021

Windows bulk enrollment

You can now bulk enroll Windows 10 devices as fully managed devices simply by running a provisioning package on the devices. The rest of the enrollment process is automatic. This new enrollment method makes the device enrollments very easy for the device users as it requires minimal effort from them.  For further details, see Windows 10 bulk enrollment.

Apple custom profiles

You can now extend and customize Miradore's management capabilities by building custom device configuration profiles for Apple devices.

For further details, see Custom configuration profiles for Macs and iOS devices.

Other improvements and resolved issues

  • We added a new widget to the main dashboard that shows the total number of managed devices on your site.
  • You can now select an existing user in the device enrollment wizard. It is no more necessary to type in the user's email again.
  • If an administrator started a remote assistance session and chose to send the session link by SMS, the link was always sent to the number of the device user. Now Miradore first attempts to send the SMS to the phone number inventoried from the device, and if it does not exist, Miradore sends the SMS to the device user as a secondary option.
  • Management type column was not sortable on Devices and Retired devices pages.
  • Users in the Editor role couldn't edit my settings.
  • Configure Play Store layout action is no more selectable for Editors.
  • Dropdown selections in custom report builder didn't fit to screen.