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Custom configuration profiles for iOS devices

Updated on February 16th, 2023

Miradore provides many built-in configuration profiles for remotely configuring the settings of your iPhones and iPads. If the built-in profiles don't meet your needs, you can also add custom configuration profiles in Miradore. In this article, you'll learn to create and deploy custom configuration profiles.

Important information


How to create a custom configuration profile?

  1. To create a custom profile, you first need to create a .mobileconfig file with Apple Configurator 2, Profile Manager, or another third-party software. For instructions, please refer to Apple's documentation.
  2. When you have the configuration profile file ready, go to the Management > Configuration profiles page on Miradore and click Add > iOS > Advanced (custom).Custom configuration profile for iOS
  3. Upload your .mobileconfig file or copy-paste its contents to the profile.
    • Please note that Miradore uses only the payload contents (inside PayloadContent-array) of the .mobileconfig file. Other contents of the XML file are skipped.
    • Please also note that you can use variables within the configuration profiles to handle data dynamically. The variables are available in the Add variables drop-down menu. In the example below, we have used $IMEI$, $Firstname$, and $Lastname$ variables for showing basic device information on the device's lock screen footnote.How to use variables with custom configuration profiles
  4. Enter a name and a description for the profile.How to cofigure what is shown on the device lockscreen footnote.
  5. Now you're ready to deploy the configuration profile to your devices.


  • If your configuration profiles aren't working on the devices as expected, you should check the Configuration Profile Reference and Mobile Device Management Protocol Reference documents on the Apple Developer website and ensure that your devices meet the operating system version requirements.
  • If the syntax doesn't work please double-check that the quotation marks are of the correct type. If required you can find and replace them using Notepad. See the example below.

You can replace quotation marks with the correct type with the help of Notepad.

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