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Improved Windows enrollment experience and other enhancements

Created on October 17th, 2023

The latest release includes an improved Windows enrollment experience and other enhancements listed here.

Improved Windows enrollment experience

Enrolling devices is a crucial part of mobile device management; therefore, we are releasing an improved version of the Windows enrollment feature.

The improved version is a beta feature available in parallel with the current implementation.

A beta feature is a feature that is still a work in progress: initial development is completed, but it has not been extensively tested, and therefore, the final version is not ready yet. We release beta features to receive your feedback and enhance them to provide you with the best possible version of the features. Learn more about beta features in Miradore.

The enrollment flows for Windows devices have been improved to allow site administrators and device users to enroll their devices in a simple and efficient way.

Major changes:

  • The Windows enrollment page has a new, modern design.
  • When enrolling single devices, you can compare the full and light management types and get information on prerequisites and available options.
  • On the new Windows enrollment page, you can download configuration files and create new provisioning packages for multi-device enrollment.
  • You can reuse provisioning packages, as creating a new provisioning package does not automatically deactivate the previously created packages.


Please send us feedback on how this beta feature performs in your environment using the Give feedback option available on the UI.

Other enhancements

  • We have implemented minor design improvements for the self-service enrollment-related UI pages.
  • We have updated the Dashboard to guide users to enroll devices if there are no enrolled devices yet on their Miradore sites and their Dashboards are empty.