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Release Notes & Announcements > What's New in Miradore

FileVault personal recovery key escrowing and other enhancements

Updated on December 14th, 2023
This release includes improvements to the FileVault security feature, support for application deployment through REST API v2, improvements and fixes with new Android and macOS client versions, and other enhancements.

FileVault recovery key improvements

It is now possible to enable the escrowing of the FileVault personal recovery key for Mac devices running macOS 10.13 or above. The recovery key used to unlock the encrypted disk is sent to our server and stored in an encrypted format. The administrator can retrieve the personal recovery key from the device inventory information.

Learn more about FileVault disk encryption for macOS.

Updated features

  • We have improved the restart handling for the macOS patch deployment.
  • We have added support for application deployment through REST API v2.
  • Due to security concerns, we have removed the option to add the image URL for the macOS PKG applications. The previously submitted images have been replaced with the default icon.


  • New Mac devices became suspended if you migrated data from a Mac device to the new Mac device using Time Machine backup or Migration Assistant.
  • Issues with Android kiosk mode:
    • Disabling the kiosk mode temporarily didn't work properly
    • Kiosk mode did not start on the device without a SIM slot
    • The Lock device command did not prompt the device lock screen passcode

Workaround for Android 14 issue with configuration settings

Google has identified an issue with Android 14 where certain configuration settings on a device are permanently applied. The configurations are impacted if they are deployed before:

  • The OS upgrade from Android 13 to Android 14
  • The reboot of factory-shipped Android 14 device

We have implemented the workaround solution suggested by Google to prevent the permanent configuration settings when rebooting a device running Android 14.

Read more about the issue with management of Android 14 devices.