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Some configurations permanently applied on Android 14 devices

Updated on December 14th, 2023

This article explains the issue Google has acknowledged on devices running Android 14. Due to the issue, some configurations set by the MDM administrator are made permanent on the reboot of Android 14 devices.

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On the reboot of Android 14 devices, some configurations on the device become permanent meaning that these settings can't be changed once deployed. This affects devices with any device management method: Work profile, Fully managed, and Fully managed with work profile.

The known issue impacts the configuration profiles that are deployed before:

  • the device is upgraded from Android 13 to Android 14
  • the Android 14 device is rebooted

The only way to remove the permanent configurations from the device is to re-enroll it in Miradore. Depending on the management method, this requires either removing the work profile or factory resetting the device.


Google is working on a patch for Android 14, and we recommend postponing the OS upgrades to Android 14 until then. The patch won't fix the impacted devices where the deployed configurations will remain the same.

It is possible to postpone the upgrade with the Android system update policy through MDM. If postponing the upgrade is not possible, it is good to check the device configurations and ensure they have intended values, or remove the configurations before upgrading the device and reinstall them afterwards.

We have implemented the technical workaround suggested by Google. This applies to devices running Android 14 and prevents permanent configurations after rebooting such a device.