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Release Notes on April 23rd, 2014

Updated on May 4th, 2021

Main improvements

Configuration profiles

User interface of configuration profiles was redesigned to provide more user-friendly way to create and manage the profiles. It is now possible to define user-specific settings, for example, in mailbox configurations. We also added some preconfigured mailbox options to ease the configuration of mailboxes.

Android inventory reporting

Inventory of Android devices was improved to collect a broader set of data including detailed information of camera, display, and battery.

Detailed list of enhancements and bug fixes


142Configuration profiles were improved to support user specific account settings.
192Android device inventory was developed to collect and report a much wider set of fields including detailed processor, display and battery information.
117A redundant link referring back to page itself was removed from login page.
135Configuration profile deployment wizard was improved to validate the target device selection.
187iOS device inventory was improved to collect new information such as App store account status, Do not disturb mode, and Activation lock status.
198A tutorial video about Android email enrollment was added to enrollment wizard.
202A tutorial video about iOS email enrollment was added to enrollment wizard.
204Option "My data has headers" was added to user CSV import wizard.
213Tooltip for the map on the device page was improved.
214Tooltip for the map on the dashboard was improved.
217Login page was modified to set focus to login name field when loading the page.
254Usability of Kiosk mode Android configuration profile was improved.
256Usability of Passcode Android configuration profile was improved.
257Deploy configuration profile action was added also to Configuration profiles view.
259Usability of Mail for Exchange Android configuration profile was improved.
265User guidance in Invite user wizard was improved.

Bug fixes

95Configuration deployment wizard was modified to display only profiles available for the selected device platforms.
167Fixed an error which caused iOS device encryption status to be reported always as '-'.
211Error in status handling of iOS device communication was fixed to prevent possibility to an endless communication loop.
212Tooltip layouts and functionalities were revised across the whole user interface.
240Improved the new site creation mechanism to prevent failures if multiple sites are created concurrently.
246Registration page was improved to enable continuation button only if both login name and password are valid.
260Fixed an error in Edit button location when displaying a configuration profile in two column mode.
262Fixed an error in Android client which could cause client crash when deploying a kiosk mode configuration profile to the device.
263A fix was implemented to prevent timing errors in inventory data import and device creation.
266Fixed an error in scaling the Profiles table on iOS device's Inventory tab.
267Fixed an error in scaling the tooltips in Infrastructure diagram view.
298Fixed an error occurring when an example device was deleted from the device item page.

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