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Release Notes & Announcements > What's New in Miradore

Wi-Fi EAP Configuration for iOS Update on May 31st, 2018

Updated on May 4th, 2021

EAP WiFi configuration for iOS

Administrators can now configure and deploy WPA/WPA2 Enterprise WiFi networks to managed iOS devices. EAP configuration provides support for EAP-TLS (identity certificate), LEAP, PEAP, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST, EAP-AKA and EAP-SIM protocols.

Business policy improvements

Configuration profiles, applications and files are now on separate tabs on business policy page. Added certificate deployments to business policies (currrently only for iOS).

Minor improvements and bug fixes

This release also brings some smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Updated operator names for known operator networks.
  • Editors can now enroll work managed Android devices (device owner)
  • Fixed an issue with iOS activation lock where the latest bypass code didn't work when disabling activation lock (Find My iPhone). Miradore now stores a history of bypass codes for each device and tries each code when disabling the activation lock.
  • Added Android ID to API and reports.
  • Administrators can now enable email notifications for service updates. E.g. Product releases