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iOS Mass Enrollment Changes Update on November 30th, 2017

Updated on May 4th, 2021

iOS mass enrollment changes

We are now signing the iOS mass enrollment profiles (downloaded from Infrastructure diagram) with the same certificate which is used to sign regular single enrollment profiles. The profiles are displayed in the device as Verified when installing the profile. Downloaded file is named sitename.mobileconfig instead of old generic profile.mobileconfig.

This makes it more trustworthy if you distribute those mass enrollment profiles inside your network (emails, web server). If it gets changed in any way, the signature doesn't match anymore so it makes it more difficult to tamper with the profiles.

Also, identity certificates of devices enrolled using previous versions of mass enrollment profiles may not be updateable after two years of certificate validity. Fear not - We still allow these devices to connect to Miradore, but the certificate may show as expired in the Settings on the device. Therefore we suggest that you download the new signed profile for your future mass enrollments.