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Release Notes for Miradore Online Client for Android

Updated on May 4th, 2021

Version 2.7.9 (version code 261)

Admins may limit Play store access to only managed Google accounts in fully managed devices and work profiles, even if the user has linked the device to his/her own Google account.


Version 2.7.8 (version code 260)

Minor improvements to contacts configuration profile handling

Version 2.7.8 (version code 250)

Support for Always-On-VPN

Version 2.7.7 (version code 249)

Android 10 compatibility improvements

Version 2.7.6 (version code 247)

Minor improvements for Android power saving optimization.

Version 2.7.5 (version code 245)

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Miradore Online Client no longer tries to enable WiFi while collecting inventory. Access point list is not updated during inventory collection if WiFi on device was disabled during inventory collection. WiFi is still enabled when deploying or undeploying WiFi network configurations.

 Version 2.7.5 (version code 243)

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Check that signatures for existing package and updated package match when updating application (apk install) - available in Android 7 and later
  • Application uninstall failed if application uninstallation restriction was enforced, and undeployment status was left "in progress"

Version 2.7.4 (latest version code 234)

Lock screen message can be configured in devices running Android 7.0 and newer, with Miradore Online Client as device owner. Set lock screen message in passcode config profile and re-deploy to devices.



Builds 231, 232 and 234 were bug fix releases, and we encourage to upgrade to build 234.

Version 2.7.3 (build 225)

Bug fixes in application blacklist / whitelist

Version 2.7.2 (build 223)

Bug fixes in app deployment status handling

Version 2.7.2 (build 222)

Bug fixes

Version 2.7.1 (build 217)

Bug fixes

  • Further fixes for Password reset token management
  • Clear Samsung knox factory reset restriction during Wipe initiated from Miradore Online
  • Clear Account modification restriction when creating managed Google Play account - restore restriction after creating the account, if it was denied

Version 2.7.0 (build 213 and 214)

Bug fixes

  • Password reset fixes for Android 8 and newer
  • Hotfix for Passcode reset token dialog (build 214)
  • Fixes crash for some cases with old file deployments


  • Support for resetting profile password in work profile (Android 7 and newer)
  • Samsung Knox license popup is not shown for managed Samsung devices (not needed)
  • New restrictions (work managed device and work profile) - minimum Android version shown below for each restriction
    • Bluetooth contact sharing (work profile) - Android 6
    • Cross-profile contact search (work profile) - Android 7
    • Add managed profile - Android 8
    • Remove managed profile - Android 8
    • Autofill - Android 8
    • Bluetooth (managed device) - Android 8
    • Bluetooth sharing - Android 8
    • Airplane mode (managed device) - Android 9
    • Ambient display (managed device) - Android 9
    • Brightness configuration (managed device) - Android 9
    • Date and time configuration (managed device) - Android 9
    • Locale configuration - Android 9
    • Printing (managed device) - Android 9
    • Share into managed profile (managed profile) - Android 9
    • System error dialogs - Android 9
    • Unified password (work profile) - unified lock for work and device  - Android 9
    • User switch (managed device) - Android 9
    • Cross-profile caller-id (contacts from work profile not shown for incoming calls) - Android 5
    • Backup service (managed device, denied by default) - Android 8

Version 2.6.11 (build 209)

Bug fixes

  • In some cases, initial server sync might crash

Version 2.6.11 (build 206)

Bug fixes

  • Some deployment results were reported multiple times
  • In some occasions, current WiFi status was not correctly determined

Version 2.6.10 (build 203)

Bug fixes

  • Contact profile deployment fixes
  • Web shortcut deployment now fails if target browser is not installed
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.6.9 (build 202)


  • Ability to remove managed Google Play account - launch from "Remove managed Google Play account" devices list or device page in Miradore Online

Version 2.6.8 (build 200)


  • Detailed errors shown in main view for most common sync failures

Bug fixes

  • Zip file deployment failed if target directory did not exist

Version 2.6.7 (build 198)


  • Connection schduling improvements
  • Managed Google Play application deployment status reporting improvements

Version 2.6.6 (build 197)


  • Support for optionally extracting deployed zip archives on device
  • Support for external sources in file deployment
  • Show device IDs on device UI
  • Show Android client build number in inventory and reports

Version 2.6.5 (build 185)


  • Support for blacklisting system applications on device owner and profile owner in Android restrictions configuration profile
  • Support for installing APK's silently when acting as device owner 

Version 2.6.4 (builds 182, 183)


  • Updated Google's support library for managed Google Play accounts - now blacklisted software installers and software installed by them are removed in work profiles and work managed devices.

Bug fixes

  • Configuration file appsettings.mdcfg was not loaded in all cases (183)

Version 2.6.3 (builds 180, 181)


  • Support for contacts configuration profile
  • Install referrer support in application deployment
  • Automatic enrollment when enrolling using Google Play (enrollnow link)

Older versions to be added....