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iOS Mail for Exchange profile now supports modern authentication, 27th of September, 2022

Created on September 27th, 2022

Today's Miradore release introduces important changes to the iOS Mail for Exchange configuration profile.

Please read through the release notes carefully, especially if you have deployed Mail for Exchange accounts to your iOS devices using Miradore.

What has changed in Miradore?

The Mail for Exchange configuration profile for iOS devices now allows you to configure the iOS mail app to use OAuth for authentication. Enabling OAuth will improve the device users' email sign-in experience and enable new authentication features like multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Configuring Exchange ActiveSync for iOS using OAuth for authentication.

Why this is important?

Microsoft has announced that they will start removing the possibility to use basic authentication in Exchange Online for most email connection protocols starting on October 1st, 2022. Therefore, email clients connecting to an Exchange server using basic authentication will soon stop working unless they are migrated to use OAuth.

What should I do to avoid any disruption to users?

  1. In Miradore, modify your existing Mail for Exchange configuration profile(s) to use OAuth for authentication.
  2. Re-deploy the updated MfE configuration profile to your iOS devices.Update edited configuration profile to devices

FAQs on OAuth authentication

Why is Microsoft deprecating basic authentication?

Basic authentication is not as secure as other authentication methods and it does not support modern features such as multi-factor authentication.

What if my organization is not ready for the change?

After Microsoft disables basic authentication, it will be possible to use the self-service diagnostic to re-enable basic authentication until the end of December 2022. But during the first week of 2023, basic authentication will be turned off permanently. See Microsoft documentation for more information.