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How to Find Application Guid of an Installed Windows Phone Application

Updated on September 30th, 2020

Are you looking for instructions for deploying software to Windows PCs? If yes, check How to deploy apps and scripts to Windows devices.


To blacklist or whitelist Windows Phone applications you need to define the selected applications to configuration profile using the application specific GUIDs. See Application black/whitelisting for Windows Phone.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow MDM solutions to scan and report the applications installed on your managed Windows Phone devices. Typically you need to find the target application from the Windows Phone Store and use the store link to add the application to your configuration profile. But sometimes it be hard to find the correct application from the store. This document explains how you can find the installed application from the Windows Phone Store and then use this link to add the application into your configuration profile.

How to find the application GUID of an installed application

As an example, let’s find the application GUID for an installed application called ‘HERE Maps‘ shown below in the Windows Phone’s application list:


Do the following:

1. Open the Store application:


2. Search for the application. In the search results look for the installed application (see that it says ‘Installed‘. Tap the application to open the details.

3_Search 4_Results

3. On the application page tap ‘Share‘:


4. Select the share method to deliver the info to yourself, or select for example ‘Messaging’ to display the details on the device screen.

6_Message 7_Link

5. Open the link in a web browser:


6. The link opens the Windows Phone Store. Now copy this link and paste it into your configuration profile as explained in the related instructions.


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