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Release Notes & Announcements > What's New in Miradore

Windows Patch management improvements update on February 24th, 2021

Updated on May 4th, 2021

This Miradore release brings some improvements and finetuning to the Windows Patch management. Miradore Patch management feature helps organizations to keep their Windows devices running smoothly and secure.

Updates to Patch management

  • Changes to the Pilot group settings: when "Install patches" is disabled, the devices of the Pilot group are excluded from patching. Previously, despite the setting, the pilot group devices were patched, if the patch installation was enabled for all the devices.

Pilot group settings

  • Improved the processing of the installation delay. Earlier, there might have been cases where the delay caused uncertainty in some product patching. Now the patching is done more seamlessly after the delay.
  • Troubleshooting of the patch installation is made easier when Miradore shows now if the device has failed to apply the patch. The number of the failed installations can be seen on Management > Patches on the Status by device tab.

Status by device

  • Finetuned the reporting of the product patch status on the Device page. If any missing patch of the product is considered as "critical" the patching status of the product is then Critical.
  • If available, the reason for patch installation failure is shown as a tooltip on the Action log tab of the Device page.
  • Some products support installation of multiple instances on the same device. Miradore UI shows now these different instances of the product clearer on the Device page.
  • Sometimes patch cannot be installed automatically, for example, some language versions of the patch might require manual download. Miradore shows now the installation method of the patch on the Patches tab in Management > Patches. The possible values are automatic, manual, and partly manual.

In addition to the Windows Patch management updates, the release includes some other minor improvements and bug fixes.