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Analytics & Health Monitoring

Miradore Management Suite collects hundreds of inventory attributes about your devices, including changes that can be used for monitoring the health of your devices.

Using touchpad on laptop


Miradore Management Suite comes with some reporting dashboards by default. You can access the dashboards through the Dashboards menu. You can see the data behind a widget when you click on the widget.


You can visualize the data using the widgets included in Miradore Management Suite’s widget gallery. If you can’t find a suitable widget from the gallery, you can build your own dashboard widgets.

Windows Device Management

Widget examples

Application crashes

The most often crashed Windows apps in your managed devices.

Battery health

Health and status information of batteries in Windows, Linux, and macOS laptops.

BitLocker encryption

How many of your devices have the Bitlocker disk encryption enabled.

Boot duration

Average or slowest boot duration by device model or by each device.

Disk health (SMART)

Health and reliability information of hard drives in Windows, Linux, and macOS computers.

Device drivers

Are your devices missing drivers or is there a newer driver version available.

License compliance

Software license compliance status on your devices.

Operating system crashes

Windows event log entries about OS and application crashes on Windows computers.

Patching status

Patch installation status throughout your device fleet.

Warranty or lease expiration

The number of devices whose warranty or lease contract is about to expire.

Windows stability score

Devices with Windows stability score index lower than the defined threshold.