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We provide professional services from device setups to IT systems health checks that enable you to save some valuable time.

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Setup service

Miradore Management Suite instance basic setup is an easy task, but configuring the environment and enabling features can be more challenging in some environments. With the help of our instance setup service, we provide our top-notch expertise to the customer in order to ease the configuring and enabling features. The implementation phase is completed in co-operation with the customer during which they will also receive training.


  • Save time
  • Avoid configuration errors
  • Learn best practices
  • Know how your Miradore environment is configured
  • Learn instance setup implementation

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Maintenance service

Miradore Management Suite releases version updates approximately four times a year. With the latest version of Management Suite, the customer gains new features to improve their daily work and receives fixes to known issues. The instance maintenance service provides help for upgrading your current Miradore environment and it’s components to the latest version or to add new features to the existing Miradore Management Suite instance.


  • Save time
  • Avoid configuration errors
  • Learn best practices
  • Get all components upgraded at the same time

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Integration service

Miradore Management Suite is easy to integrate with 3rd party systems using either one-way or two-way integration. It includes multiple ready-built connectors for several external systems and also API interfaces for building custom integrations.


  • You get the expertise for choosing the best integration method thus avoiding unnecessary work
  • You get faster implementation with the help of our experienced engineers
  • You face less technical issues and reduce the number of errors which increases the quality
  • You can integrate almost any system with Miradore Management Suite
  • You don’t need to utilize internal resources for integration building and testing

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Scripting service

By default, Miradore Management Suite collects very detailed information about the devices. In some cases, for example, there is a need to gather manufacturer or vendor-specific data that is not available by default. Within Management Suite, you can create your own custom inventories in order to gather device data. Based on the gathered data, you may also create events and alerts. In addition, we provide SQL scripting services to produce reports tailored to your needs.


  • You get a team of scripting experts so you can focus on serving your customers
  • You don’t need to utilize internal resources with scripting skills and knowledge
  • You get reliable and quality scripting to get custom inventories and event monitors
  • You get more advanced reporting with the help of SQL scripts
  • You can be ensured that the scripts are 100% compatible with Miradore Management Suite

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Package building service

With the help of the Miradore Management Suite Package Building service, you can easily do changes to device configurations and deploy applications, upgrades, and patches. We create the packages for you regardless of whether it’s a basic installation of common software or something more complex with needs for customization.


  • You don’t need to utilize internal resources for package creation and testing
  • You don’t need to spend time on investigating what can or can’t be done with the packages
  • You face less technical issues during software and configuration deployment which increases efficiency
  • Your packages make full use of the Miradore Management Suite package actions and variables in the best possible way
  • Your packages are easy to understand and update

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Health check service

Gain critical insights into the health of your Miradore Management Suite service and also maximize your IT performance. The Health Check for Management Suite Platform is designed to help proactively diagnose and troubleshoot potential issues, and also create a plan to address current issues and prevent future problems.


  • Maximize the overall benefits of your Miradore Management Suite investment
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce risks of unplanned incidents
  • Reduce downtime

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To get the most out of Miradore Management Suite and its numerous features, we provide multiple training packages starting from the basics to the most advanced features of Management Suite. Training is provided as either remote sessions or as a classroom training where you get your hands dirty.

We provide courses for:

  • System Engineers
  • Operators
  • MSPs

You can also certify yourself as proof of your expertise with the Miradore Management Suite solution.

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