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Telia Eesti manages a wide variety of IT systems with Miradore Management Suite

Country: Estonia

Industry: Telecommunications


The challenge

Before becoming a Miradore customer, the biggest problem for Telia was the large overheads of managing such a wide variety of IT systems. As an IT service provider, they needed a centralized multitenant tool that was both comprehensive and cost-effective.

The solution

First of all, Telia implemented Miradore Management Suite as part of its Workplace service bundle. Miradore was now helping to automate and centralize the management of all its customers’ hardware and software.

“While Telia got the benefits of a unified, multitenant management tool, our customers enjoyed the added value to our management services, like license management or workstation profile management. Not to mention less management hassle. Most importantly, Miradore Management Suite has massively reduced disruptions, caused by IT incidents or simple security patching, to customer employees’ everyday work.”

Adding Miradore to the equation was a logical decision since everyone from the Telia helpdesk to IT Specialists was already familiar with Miradore Management Suite. But according to Talve, the simple implementation wasn’t the only reason.

“We care about our customers a lot, which means the services we provide must not only be full of features, but they must also be accessible to all companies, no matter how small or large. Miradore allows us to offer an MDM service that gives every company the chance to enjoy securely managed mobility. And to complement this awesome tool, they get our expertise and day-to-day support. Our job is to take responsibility for every aspect of our customers’ daily IT operations, and Miradore tools are making that job much simpler.”

Another plus with Miradore was the low investment and development required – Telia could start providing MDM as a service with hardly any effort or company resources.

“It was easy to implement Miradore as a service platform, with the least possible cost. What’s more, communication and development went totally hand in hand with our vision and requirements. For me, having worked in IT for years, there was almost no learning curve with the simple user interface. Plus, compared to much bigger platforms out there, it took us just minutes instead of hours to get everything up and running and the first mobiles under management.”

Talve has also been impressed with Miradore’s functionalities and service levels.

“Miradore is fairly new to the market, but their set of features already matches many bigger tools. As a partner, Miradore has performed admirably. We have constant contact, not only with answers to my questions but with requests for inputs from our side and plans for the future. We have a good overview of the development pipeline and we can honestly say we’ve taken part in making the solution even better.”

In Talve’s opinion, Miradore cares for its partners as Telia cares for its customers. There could hardly be a more flattering compliment from a client than that.

About the customer

Telia Eesti AS (Telia Estonia Ltd.) is the biggest telecommunication and IT service provider in Estonia, with half of the Estonian businesses in their customer base. Taavi Talve works as an IT Product Manager at Telia Eesti.
“We can jokingly say that there is no company in Estonia who isn’t our client, either directly or through our partner or competitor,” says Taavi Talve, Telia’s IT Product Manager.
The company’s portfolio covers everything from simple fixed-line and mobile services to managed workstations and complex customized server solutions.