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Printcom’s customers wave goodbye to ICT woes

Country: Finland

Industry: IT Services Provider


The challenge

Naturally, Printcom’s customers wish to maintain a clear view of their ICT assets, as well as get any new hardware up and running in an instant. Printcom offers a range of standardized devices, which can be tailored to each customer with a variety of software options. Delivering these as efficiently as possible called for a solution with excellent remote setup and installation capabilities.

The solution

Printcom started to collaborate with Miradore as early as 2007. Today, all its customers’ new hardware is set up using Miradore Management Suite, says Jukka Jylhä, one of the entrepreneurs behind Printcom.

“Miradore Management Suite lets us standardize pre-installations by device make and type. Besides the operating system, we can also remotely install all the standard applications our customers want. As a result, Miradore Management Suite massively reduces our hardware delivery times.”

By helping Printcom work more efficiently, Miradore also allows them to invest more time in providing optimal customer service.

“Miradore Management Suite is a really significant time saver for us. It’s a very flexible, multifaceted, and effective solution for managing all our pre-installation and software delivery work, also for mobile devices. Most importantly, though, it enables us to serve our customers even better and faster.”

Thanks to Miradore Management Suite, Printcom customers have a real-time view of their entire hardware and license portfolio, making it easier for them to plan and budget for new purchases and licenses.

“Our customers have literally been doing a Mexican wave when they’ve seen the benefits that Miradore brings to their business. Add to this the clear and flexible pricing, easy onboarding and attentive, fast technical support, and we’re talking about a truly exceptional product.”

Printcom Logo

About Printcom

Printcom is quality and efficiency-oriented Finnish IT services growth company, which currently employs around 50 enthusiastic IT professionals. Part of the Canon Business Center and G30 chains, it aims to be the preferred ICT sales and service organization in its five areas of operation across southeastern Finland. This is achieved by reviewing the needs of each individual client and matching those with the best possible IT solutions and services.