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3 Key Reasons to Use Miradore with Microsoft SCCM

Are you using Microsoft SCCM to manage OS and software deployment? If so, you might be wondering how you could benefit from also using Miradore in your environment. In fact, even if you feel perfectly content with SCCM, Miradore is still likely to save you money and time, while making sure no device is left unmanaged.

Save on licensing and know your fleet

Are you sure SCCM covers your entire operations? In many organizations, for example, servers might be out of the scope of the SCCM program due to more expensive licensing. Insufficiently large enterprises, policies on SCCM may vary from unit to unit. In such cases, Miradore can be the central asset registry with inventory information of all devices.
With Miradore, you can forget about data entry too. Your database of SCCM managed devices can be imported to Miradore. Our client software will give you access to huge telemetry capabilities. The data at your fingertips will include inventories of software and power usage, PnP drivers, local administrators, and patch status.
Furthermore, the Miradore client allows you to roll your own, custom inventory by creating a script that writes an XML file. The client gathers all the data in this file, which is automatically sent to your Miradore server and imported based on pre-defined, custom inventory classes, and attributes.

Regain control and stay focused

Another benefit of installing the Miradore client is that our package deployment gives you a secure, secondary method for remote commands. Commands included in package deployment can be of great help if WMI stops responding on a device. You can easily restart WMI and other services, but now you’ll have even more complex tricks up your sleeve.
You could deploy a monitoring script that checks if WMI is working correctly. If not, your script could trigger an event asking for the Miradore server to deploy a fix package. Automation like this lets you and your team focus on more substantial tasks with fewer interruptions.

Universally understandable reporting

Jokes on TPS Reports aside, businesses do have valid needs for reporting and accountability, and complying with reporting should not remind us of the film Office Space. That’s why we’ve built the reporting capabilities of Miradore with ease of use in mind. Read-only access can be granted and you can choose to limit user access to device assets based on criteria like organization or location.
SCCM, including its reporting capabilities, can resemble the dashboard of a nuclear power plant. In addition to requiring technical skills and knowledge of the specific environment, it usually works only for users with administrative privileges. Miradore’s web-based interface, on the other hand, is designed to allow less technical personnel to use the ready-made reports and create their own, with minimal training.
So, here you have it: some very valid reasons to use Miradore even if SCCM is working great for your OS and software installations. If you’d like to know more, watch our demo for connecting Miradore Management Suite with Microsoft SCCM, or get in touch with Miradore support.