Miradore, the Finnish Mobile Device Management and IT Systems Management solutions provider, has recruited ZyXEL’s Country Manager Simo Salmensuu to help continue the company’s rapid growth. The newly appointed CEO is an experienced sales and marketing leader who plans to expand Miradore’s business to new countries and market segments.  

Simo Salmensuu, 37, started as Miradore’s new CEO in the middle of March. Before Miradore he held the position of Country Manager at Taiwanese ZyXEL, in charge of operations in Finland and the Baltic region. Prior to this, Salmensuu gained several years of experience in sales and business management at Comptel and Nokia Networks. As a fast growing Finnish company, Miradore provides exactly the kind of challenges that Salmensuu is currently looking for.

”In my career to date I have repeatedly managed to further speed up business growth, and I’m sure I’ll achieve that at Miradore, too. My aim is to specifically focus on international markets and introduce new business models I’ve found effective in the past. I’ll also be making the most of my expertise in new business acquisition and my large network of contacts,” Salmensuu says.

Salmensuu’s first impression of Miradore is both positive and promising. The company takes pride in its exceptionally satisfied customer base, as well as its professional and experienced team that collaborates seamlessly to deliver a simple and smooth user experience. Miradore’s famed usability is of particular interest to Salmensuu, who has written his Master’s thesis on the subject.

”Good usability means that the user interface allows users to reach their goals as easily as possible. It’s also crucial that the interface is tested by the very people who will be using it. Miradore’s fantastic customer feedback proves that the company has managed to turn usability into a unique feature of its products,” Salmensuu says.

Salmensuu is ready to work hard and relentlessly to get Miradore products the attention they deserve.

”I’m very much up for the challenge. To continue on the road to international success, we all need to be committed to growing together.”

Miradore’s continuous product development, based on both market analysis and customer feedback, supports Salmensuu’s objectives. In the past year, Miradore has added several new features to its cloud-based MDM solution, from location tracking to automatic configuration and application installation, and especially comprehensive management for Apple devices. The solution is already helping thousands of companies in 140 countries to take control of their mobile devices, and Salmensuu is driven to expand the customer base even further.


Miradore is Finland’s leading provider of Mobile Device Management and IT Systems Management solutions. Its easy-to-use cloud based software is used to control hundreds of thousands of desktops, servers, point of sale devices and mobile devices around the world.

Simo Kari

Simo Kari

CMO at Miradore Ltd
Simo Kari has been the CMO for Miradore since 2014. Prior to joining Miradore in 2013 he worked several years in various management positions in HCL Technologies and UPM. He has versatile experience in developing, implementing, and operating IT services in international environments. Simo holds an MSc. from University of Liverpool. | LinkedIn
Simo Kari