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Software Asset Management

Software assets are a big part of your IT spend, so they deserve dedicated management and optimization. Happily, software audits don’t have to be scary!

Miradore clients automatically gather information of executables and software installed on the managed devices. The inventory information is normalized and linked with related configuration items in Miradore Management Suite. Software license administrators can then combine this well-structured software inventory and usage information with software license agreements in order to automate many of the routine tasks included in software license management. For example, software license allocation can be automated based on identified software installations. On the other hand, the installation of licensed software can be forbidden if there is a shortage of the required licenses. With ready-made software licensing reports, software license administrators can easily detect compliance breaches and analyze the costs. They can even configure automated actions that are executed by the system if a license breach occurs. These include, for example, automated uninstallation of unlicensed software.


  • Single automated tool for discovering software installations
  • Inventory information is refreshed regularly
  • Monitoring frequency of software use in Windows devices
  • Monitoring of license compliance and usage
  • Automated allocation of licenses


  • Easy way to get information about software installations
  • Information is up-to-date, accurate and normalized
  • The importance of software can be evaluated
  • Leftover licenses and compliance issues are detected
  • Less manual effort brings cost savings

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