Miradore has had a certified integration for ServiceNow since August 2013. Miradore – ServiceNow integration was one of the first integrations approved in the ServiceNow partner program. The certification denotes that the integration has passed the test criteria set by ServiceNow.

Miradore – ServiceNow integration is used to replicate asset data from Miradore to ServiceNow. Also, some supporting configuration items, such as users and hardware models are replicated. The integration allows utilization of Miradore’s high class inventory data in ServiceNow. Miradore collects and maintains comprehensive asset and status information of managed devices using native management agents, and the data is replicated to ServiceNow automatically. You can find more information about the integration from ServiceNow’s Miradore partner site and our demonstration video on Vimeo.

Both systems allow great possibilities for integrations to other systems. Miradore – ServiceNow integration is implemented using ServiceNow’s built-in integration functionalities and Miradore’s web service interface. This means that the existing functionality of the integration can be easily modified to match the needs of your organization. A good example of such modification is the ServiceNow-initiated software distribution described in a blog post by Jere Jutila.


Current integration is certified for the Berlin release of ServiceNow. Soon, we will release an updated version of Miradore – ServiceNow integration that is certified with the latest Eureka version of ServiceNow. The certification process is already in progress. The new version will have some nice improvements like transformation map based item mapping which makes configuration of integration even easier.

You are welcome to test the integration yourself. Just contact us to get started. And to be amongst the first ones to hear from our latest releases, please follow us on Twitter @MiradoreLtd.

We are also going to attend NowForum in London on 9th October. Come to meet us there!


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