Inventory collection

Miradore’s management agents scan managed devices at regular, configurable intervals and collect comprehensive information of installed software and executable files found from the devices. The information contains dozens of details (e.g. file size or path) describing the properties of the detected applications and files.


The collected data is then normalized in Miradore Management Suite using a software catalog which is a huge database of commercial applications enabling accurate and automated identification of over 30 000 applications and 200 000 executables. During the recognition process, the inventory data is automatically normalized and transformed into a more understandable form including the precise software title, version, edition, manufacturer, category, as well as information of whether the application is part of a software suite.

As an alternative to the software catalog, Miradore Management Suite provides a way to define custom rules for software recognition. The custom rules can be used to supplement or replace the use of the software catalog in the software recognition process. Using both methods in parallel ensures that both in-house applications and commercial applications can be recognized accurately in any given environment.


After the software recognition, Miradore Management Suite’s out-of-the-box reports provide comprehensive information of what software and which software versions are installed in the managed environment. The reports also show the exact devices that have some specific application installed. Besides that, the system also maintains a software change log which displays all changes to the managed devices software installations during the selected time span.

All reports are customizable and they can be saved for future use with personalized filtering and sorting settings. The reports can be also shared with other users and exported from the Miradore system as a CSV, Excel, or PDF file.



Miradore’s software packaging feature enables to build installation packages, which are basically collections of automated tasks used to perform administrative tasks for a computer. These tasks may include installing, modifying, or uninstalling software, for example.

Once an installation package is ready, it can be used to remotely install/uninstall software or drivers to/from a managed computer. The installation packages can be distributed to a single or multiple devices at once, or they can be attached to a certain location, organization, operating system, or device role to enable automated software installation based on the device properties.

For the device end-users, Miradore provides a web-based Self-service portal, which they can use to request software and even independently start the installation of such software installation packages that the administrators have created and configured to be available through the Self-service portal. If necessary, the administrators can use an approval workflow to control the self-service software installations or even disable the whole functionality from the Self-service portal.

Detection of unauthorized software

Miradore allows to define known software titles as allowed or prohibited, which makes it is easy to detect whenever prohibited software is installed to a managed device in the environment.

License compliance monitoring

Miradore license management enables the storing of software license agreements into the system, where they can be associated with the software that the license entitles to use. After that, Miradore automatically counts the installations of the different software titles and reconciles them with the purchased software licenses. The license costs and compliance are then reported in easy-to-read report that quickly shows the current license balance.

The administrators can then make license allocation decisions based on the license balance reports, and additionally, they can also use Miradore’s powerful software usage measuring feature to check which users really have been using the different software. It’s no use having expensive software installed if it’s never used. The Miradore system can be also configured to allocate licenses automatically to the asset configuration items based on the detected software installations. As a result, the burden of license administration is minimized, license compliance issues can be avoided, and the leftover licenses can be easily detected and eliminated thus resulting in cost savings.

Usage measuring

Miradore meters software usage on managed Windows devices. The usage information shows, for example, how often certain software has been started or how long it has been running.

Upgrade and disposal

With the help of Miradore’s comprehensive reporting and group distribution tool, it is easy to roll-out software upgrades or new software even in highly diverse environments or multiple different locations in a controlled manner. The old software can be saved as history information in the system.