The problem

According to Verizon and Secunia, a vast majority of security attacks against computer systems are performed exploiting known software vulnerabilities that haven’t been fixed although the patches have been available for a long time.

One might ask: why aren’t the vulnerabilities patched in a timely fashion?

Tackle vulnerabilities with Miradore patch management.

The cause

Many popular software vendors release updates regularly, but not all of them provide tools for distributing or installing the updates automatically. Therefore, IT administrators are often forced to monitor multiple sources for updates and handle the deployments manually.

When the patch information is scattered in multiple solutions, the administrators can’t easily see the “big picture” of patch management, which causes unawareness about vulnerabilities and patching status of computers.

Also when the updates are managed manually by the administrators, it may prove to be difficult to schedule and target the updates properly without causing disturbances to the users or services.

Even if the administrators would distribute the patches to the computers, there are no guarantees that the users would actually install the updates which may leave the computers vulnerable for attacks.

Common patch management challenges:

  • No tools for distributing updates automatically
  • Unawareness of vulnerabilities & patching status
  • Patching may interfere the users or services
  • The users might not want to install the updates

Save up to 75% of on-site support hours

Miradore Management Suite centralizes all patch management data and activities into a single solution, covering more than 45 software vendors and 180 individual applications. This includes all major Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications, but also plenty of software from non-Microsoft vendors.

One consolidated view

Miradore Management Suite retrieves patch data from numerous software vendors automatically, and it examines what patches are applicable to your devices. This enables you to easily see from one user interface what the patching status is of your computers regarding all operating systems and software. If you notice any issues or missing patches, an exact report of devices requiring attention is just one click away.

Less manual work

Miradore Management Suite fully automates the patch deployments. You only need to choose what updates should be installed, and the system takes care of the installation routines. According to a study made at Fujitsu, Miradore Management Suite brought down their on-site support hours by 75% when they started to use it for patching workstations and servers.

Maximum security

You no longer need to worry about users skipping the updates, because Miradore automatically installs the selected patches in the background without any user interaction. This ensures that your computers always receive the latest updates and remain up-to-date and secure for the business use.

Minimum disruption to the business

Miradore not only installs the patches silently in the background, but the administrators can also target the updates to computer groups and define separate update schedules for each group which ensures that patches are always installed during non-working hours when they cause minimum disruption to the users or services. A common practice is to apply the newly released patches first to a group of pilot computers and wait for a few days before updating the rest of the computer fleet.