Automate installations with packaging

In Miradore Management Suite, IT technicians can build installation packages, which contain specific instructions for Miradore Clients to independently perform administrative tasks, such as device configuration changes or software installation in the managed computers. The benefit of packaging is that, once created, the installation packages are stored in the database of Miradore Management Suite, and the packages can be easily distributed to any number of computers with a few clicks. In this manner, the often recurring administrative tasks are easy to automate and repeat in a uniform way.

Install operating systems remotely

Miradore Management Suite has a fully automated initial installation tool, which enables entirely remote operating system deployment and installation of initial configurations like regional settings, drivers, and company-specific settings. The feature supports all major Linux distributions and Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10. For Windows devices, the system can also automatically create a recovery partition, which can be used to restore the computer to the same state where it was after the installation in case of a system failure.

Ensure license compliance

Miradore Management Suite regularly scans managed computers for executable files and installed software, and compares the gathered inventory data with the software license information that the IT technicians have entered to the system. As a result, IT technicians always have up-to-date knowledge of software licenses when they deploy software to managed computers.

Deny the deployment of unlicensed software

In order to avoid software license compliance breaches, there is a feature which allows to block software installations when there are no licenses available for software that requires a license. Moreover, the IT technicians can mark certain software titles as forbidden in order to easily spot if any blacklisted software is installed.

Empower device end-users with self-service

Miradore Clients have a built-in Self-service portal for the users of Windows computers. The Self-service portal is available in 17 different languages. By default, the Self-service portal is hidden, but the Miradore administrators can turn it on in order to enable selected self-service capabilities to the device end-users. One of the self-service capabilities is the software request workflow, which lets the device end-users browse for the software installation packages and request their installation. If the requested software is configured to require approval and the approvers accept the request, then the Miradore Client installs the software to the user’s computer automatically.


Picture: The users can browse software installations packages in the Self-service portal and request software installations.