About Comune di Pordenone

Pordenone is a medium-sized town in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, between Venice and Udine in the north east of Italy. The municipality – Comune di Pordenone – provides public services to the town’s over 50,000 residents.

The challenge

The Pordenone municipality currently has administrative and municipal management professionals using smartphones in their daily work. The growing number and expanding use of mobile devices meant challenging times for Paolo Cristofoli, the municipality’s IT Support Specialist, so he started to google Mobile Device Management systems. One of the search results was Miradore Online.

The solution

“I was looking for a free solution that would allow me to manage the devices in a more organic and centralized way. Thanks to Google, we’ve been Miradore customers since July 2015.”

For Cristofoli it was essential that, with his free MDM solution, he could deploy and manage Android email accounts using ActiveSync/Exchange protocols. Miradore Online matched that requirement, but that wasn’t all.

“I also loved the fact that the service was fully online and had such a nicely done and fast control panel. The interface is really polished: it’s all in your control, and the commands and actions are clear enough to get work done with hardly any learning curve. I also like the way many of the actions open by default in a new browser tab, so you get multiple views of what’s happening,” Cristofoli says.

Cristofoli is now managing all the municipality’s smartphones in a single cloud environment. Being able to remotely deploy configuration profiles and Exchange email accounts to Android devices has been a huge benefit not only to him but also to his users:

“The users really appreciate not having to physically come to my office to set up their phones anymore!”

Of course, like anyone, Cristofoli also prefers to work with people who are a pleasure to deal with.

“The people from Miradore are nice and friendly. They genuinely take care of their users and their experience of Miradore Online.”

Main benefits

  • Devices are secured and centrally managed