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About KAPO

KAPO is an Austrian family-owned company, which produces high quality and environmentally friendly wooden windows and doors for homes and public buildings. Since its origins in 1927, KAPO has expanded from a small carpentry shop to a leading international supplier. KAPO’s products are well-renowned for their beautiful design, traditional craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

The challenge

With an increasing amount of staff using mobile devices for communicating with colleagues and customers, KAPO needed to take control of their mobile assets. Their aim was to simplify user support by remotely managing settings, as well as to secure their devices to protect company data. Cellular data use was another key concern: as users were downloading apps that created additional traffic, data fees were getting unacceptably high.

The solution

Andreas Handler, IT Consultant for KAPO, started to look for a good Mobile Device Management system that would provide good value, while still meeting KAPO’s requirements. These included the ability to manage Windows Phones, the platform of choice for KAPO because of low background data traffic. He found Miradore Online, started to test it and very quickly discovered it was exactly what we needed.

“Miradore Online required no heavy implementation and it costs nothing – there were no installation costs, and no running costs either as for the moment we’re still using Miradore Free Plan. It’s a stable solution, with no bugs and all consistently good features. The usability is great and the interface is great – I found that to be the case the moment I started using it.”

Andreas Handler, IT Consultant for KAPO

Andreas Handler, IT Consultant for KAPO

After starting to use Miradore Online, KAPO has been able to save about 30% on their cellular data fees by disabling the application store on users’ Windows Phones.

“With Miradore we can simply lock up the app store, meaning that employees are no longer able to install apps that create data traffic. This also lets us rest assured that no apps are pushing confidential company data like contacts to third parties.”

What’s more, KAPO has been able to improve mobile device security to no end. They can now remotely distribute and enforce security settings like a passcode policy to all devices, as well as centrally manage user accounts and encryption, and wipe lost devices before data gets in the wrong hands. Inactive devices can be quickly reassigned to new users by the IT department, too, enabling KAPO to make the most of their existing assets.

KAPO is happy to be growing together with Miradore. As new features become available, they are the first to know, and help is always at hand when necessary.

“Dealing with Miradore is great, because there is always a quick response and they really think about what their customers need.”

Main benefits

  • 30% savings on data costs
  • Devices are secured