Miradore Management Suite is an IT systems management solution with integrated hardware asset management, software asset management, operating system and software deployment, patch
management, endpoint backup, and remote control tools.



Hardware asset management

With the help of Miradore’s IT systems management solution for all major platforms, all types of devices from PCs and servers to network devices can be tracked and managed through their entire lifecycle with a single web-based console. This includes automated device discovery, comprehensive inventory data extraction, remote initial installation and configuration, maintenance,  and support aided by out-of-the-box dashboards and customizable reports as well as intuitive self-service capabilities for device end-users.
For devices running Microsoft Windows, Miradore Management Suite also provides some additional management features, such as power management capabilities. The system monitors Windows devices’ power state (powered on / Sleep / hibernate / powered off ), and generates daily graphs and historical statistics about the power usage. In addition, administrators can schedule the power on and power off times of computers running either Windows or Linux operating systems.


Software asset management

Miradore Management Suite automatically gathers information on executable files and software installed on the managed devices, and is also able to tell the software usage frequency on Windows devices. The discovered software is recognized and categorized as a managed software item.
Miradore Management Suite also keeps track of all contracts (e.g. warranty and leasing contracts) and software license purchases, and alarms responsible personnel when a contract term or license validity period is about to end. In addition, the system can be configured to automatically allocate and remove software licenses based on software inventory data, which reduces the demand of manual work and improves the software license compliance. As Miradore Management Suite constantly oversees software installations and usage, the rarely used software, leftover licenses, and license violations can be found easily.


Software and OS deployment

The managed software items can be used to build customized software installation packages. With the installation packages, the administrators can standardize and automate remote software installations, and thus, save time. The administrators can also allow the end-users to initiate the installation of approved software packages independently as a self service.
Miradore Management suite also features a fully automated initial installation tool, which enables truly remote operating system deployment and installation of initial configurations like regional settings, drivers etc. The feature supports all major Linux distributions and Windows versions starting from Windows XP. For the Windows devices, the tool can also automatically create a recovery partition, which can be used to restore the computer to the state where it was after the installation in a case of a system failure. In addition, software and OS installations can be automated based on a computer’s properties like role, location, or organization for example.


Endpoint backup

Miradore Management Suite’s endpoint backup solution for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers enables to save automatic backups of local files to a destination at local USB drive, remote file server, or a network attached storage device. The administrators can define company wide backup configurations for the company files or configure device-specific configurations for backing up the end-user’s files. In addition, the device end-users can define personal backup configurations by themselves using a simple GUI.


Patch management

Miradore Management Suite’s patch management feature enables the administrators to manage and automate the tracking and deployment of security patches for dozens of third-party software vendors. The patch management tools automatically scan the managed devices for missing patches and make it possible to automate the download and deployment of the patches to the custom device groups. In addition, through the detailed reports, it is easy to audit the environment at any time.


Remote control

With the integrated remote control tools, the administrators are able to remotely control unattended computers and provide support for the Windows users. The device end-users can request remote assistance via a system tray application. All remote sessions are logged thoroughly and they require special user permissions.


All-in-one solution

Miradore Management Suite provides a broad set of features for managing a multitude of device platforms by providing support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers. Even network and mobile devices are supported by Miradore Management Suite’s asset management processes.


Easy to implement without large up-front investments

Miradore Management Suite doesn’t require large up-front investments. The solution can be implemented in just a few days. Additionally, with multi-tenant capabilities, MSP’s can install multiple customer instances on a single hardware platform, reducing the equipment and power costs significantly.

The system is able to automatically populate all network-connected devices into the asset management database, which minimizes the need for manual data entry. After that, the IT technicians can remotely deploy the Miradore management agents to the all identified devices and start the required remote operations.

Thanks to the system architecture, IT service providers can utilize current software packages, hardware drivers, and current server hardware across their entire customer fleet, which shortens the system implementation time and increases the cost efficiency and quality of services.


Consolidated infrastructure

The out-of-the-box 3rd party connectors for Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft WSUS, ServiceNow, many antivirus products, and data erasure solutions ensure asset integrity by cross-referencing all your enterprise’s information sources.


Reduced onsite support

The fully automated initial installation tool together with the remote control feature greatly decreases the demand for on-site IT support. With Miradore, the IT Service Providers can deploy software packages and security patches, or even upgrade the managed devices to the latest operating system remotely without the need for onsite visit.

In addition, all software packages deployed with Miradore Management Suite, are recorded on per-user basis, enabling easy re-installation of applications later if the user’s computer breaks down and must be replaced with a new device.


Risk-free pay-as-you-go licensing model

Miradore Management Suite’s licensing model is based on a per-device monthly fee, which includes the future software versions and service packs. This means that even as your customer numbers fluctuate, your costs always adjust accordingly.