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About PWCampbell

PWCampbell, a design/build construction management company from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has over 100 years experience in making sure building projects are planned, designed, and completed successfully. They are established specialists in the financial, commercial, and residential fields, with an extensive portfolio of services covering everything from construction management to architecture, marketing, branding, digital signage, and furniture.

The challenge

Back in 2014, PWCampbell had had enough of the high IT costs incurred by its expensive hardware, backups, constant software updates, and licensing. The company was ready for a new, more agile solution to replace its BlackBerry phones and BlackBerry Enterprise Server. So were its users, who were increasingly keen to switch to iPhone or Android. To be able to deploy, secure, wipe, and manage the new mobile devices, it was clear that the company would need a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

The solution

Ben Mahtani, the PWCampbell Information Technology Director, was astounded to discover that Miradore Online was not only free to use, but also didn’t require any hardware costs or software upgrades.

“It was totally free and we could start using it immediately. There was no mandatory app download for iOS, so we didn’t have to create an Apple ID for every new user. That was the key. We selected Miradore after comprehensive testing and an internal security review, and we’ve stayed with it ever since.”

After they required more functionality, PWCampbell upgraded to the Miradore Online Enterprise Plan. The solution is working perfectly for their approximately 85 devices which are primarily used for calls, location tracking, apps and email. To further enhance security, all the devices (some of which are BYOD) access company servers via a VPN, and use Miradore email profiles for using company email.

“To us, pushing email profiles is the biggest benefit. It’s also fantastic to be able to track all our devices from one platform now. While Miradore might not have every single feature of the big players, it’s amazingly easy to use and does everything we need it to do. Last but not least, we’ve had tremendous success cooperating with Miradore customer service.”

Main benefits

  • Devices secured and controlled