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About Memphis Tigers

The Memphis Tigers represent the University of Memphis in American college football. The Tigers, a squad of 90 talented players, were the 2015 American Athletic Conference Champions.

The challenge

The Memphis Tigers wanted to give their players the best possible chance of building on last year’s winning ways. This required careful performance analysis, involving game video to inspect past games’ successes and setbacks. However, outfitting 90 players with the necessary technology came with challenges. Not only did management have to prevent the loss or theft of the iPads, but they needed to make sure that sensitive game data wouldn’t get into the wrong hands.

The solution

Matt Haron, the team’s Director of Football Video, was pleased with the iPad investment.

“We gave each player their very own device. Now, players can watch game film and do game planning whenever they want.”

To overcome the risk of devices getting lost with sensitive data, the Tigers use Miradore Online Mobile Device Management. Miradore helps the Football Video staff locate and track iPads remotely. The MDM solution also allows the football video coordinators to set specific profiles to each iPad.

So far, the strategy seems to be working, with the team riding high in the league and not a single iPad missing. We hope that digital technology, together with Miradore, will help the Tigers relive and re-enact their most amazing plays on the field.