Asset discovery

Miradore Management Suite supports multiple different asset discovery methods. One way is to use ready-made connectors to get a list of computers from Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, or some other third-party system (e.g. antivirus systems). Another way is to use the built-in network discovery tool to automatically retrieve a full list of network devices across all device platforms. And a third option is to import a list of devices as an XML-file.

Inventory of all major platforms

Miradore management agents extract comprehensive inventory information of SNMP devices and managed devices’ hardware and software configurations at configurable intervals and append the information to the related configuration items in Miradore Management Suite. On the Windows platform, the management agents also collect information of the devices’ local user accounts, software usage, and power state. In addition, the system can be configured to use custom scripts to collect custom inventory data from managed devices.

The inventory information is gathered by native management agent(s), SNMP scanner, or by ready-made connectors to 3rd party systems like Microsoft Active Directory and many antivirus systems.

Integration to financial systems

With the integration connectors, financial and contractual information can be automatically imported from external third-party information systems and attached to configuration items in Miradore Management Suite. In addition, the administrators can manually enter information of purchases and leasing or warranty contracts to the system as well.

Asset auto-generation

To avoid the need of manual data entry, Miradore Management Suite can be configured to automatically create new asset configuration items to the system database of such devices that have been identified from the managed environment but which aren’t yet managed with Miradore Management Suite.

Inconsistency monitoring

Miradore Management Suite analyzes the data collected from the different sources and provides reports of inconsistency in the information.

Change tracking

Miradore Management Suite’s built-in configuration management system automatically records all configuration changes in the managed devices and logs every action in the system. As a result, the configuration data remains up-to-date and the administrators always have a comprehensive change log for backtracking all hardware configuration changes.

Self-service for the device end-users

The administrators can request the device end-users to check the data that has been stored about their devices to the system by letting the users to access the data through the Miradore’s Self-service portal. In the Self-service portal, the users can check whether the data is correct and make necessary correction requests.

Asset lifecycle

In Miradore Management Suite, all configuration items have a life-cycle and built-in workflow with an optional role-based approval process, which makes it easy to control the management of configuration items through their entire life-cycle from the procurement to the disposal.



Miradore Management Suite can be configured to automatically monitor managed devices. For example, the system can follow the device’s warranty or lease contract and remind the responsible person with an email or SMS when the contract term is coming to an end. The system can also notify administrators when the disk space runs low in some of the managed computers or when an end-user introduces a new computer or peripheral device to the environment.

Seamless integration

Miradore Management Suite is specifically designed for managing heterogeneous IT environments containing workstations, servers, network devices, mobile devices, and point of sale devices. Therefore, all management processes for the different hardware and software platforms have been seamlessly integrated as one unified management solution that supports a wide range of devices. These include Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X workstations and servers, plus Android, iOS, and Windows Phone–based mobile devices.

Replacement & disposal

As each device’s software configurations and regional settings are automatically recorded in the database of Miradore Management Suite, it is easy to replace a device with a new one. With the endpoint backup, even the user’s files can be migrated to the new computer.