Esa Group





About Esa Group

ESA Group, founded in 1947, provides complete management of all maritime vessels, being the only Italy-based “One Stop Shop” in shipping management. The Group operates as ESA (Enterprise Shipping Agency) in the crew management sector, with wide range of resulting activities, such as, recruitment and resourcing of crew members, control of administrative practices, for example, embarking and disembarking, and training and ongoing management of officers and mariners employed by ships.

The Challenge

ESA Group needed a simple and reliable solution to manage their Windows Phones for password protection, remote wiping, and to get a reliable inventory of mobile devices as well as deploying configuration settings such as Wi-Fi remotely.

The Solution

Miradore Online was chosen for its ease of use and full Windows Phone support, a quality many other MDM vendors lack. ESA Group believes that the Windows Phone platform will be a winning choice for interoperability between PC’s and mobile devices and provide end-users a friendly and familiar user interface.

ESA Group found that Miradore Online’s web-based user interface enabled fast and easy enrollment of their Windows Phone devices and configuration profiles. In addition, a short learning curve contributed to the fact that they achieved the goals and targets they had set with very little effort.