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Remote Assistance and Control

Increase end users’ satisfaction with fast and secure support at work and on the move – whenever they need it.

Remote assistance and control tools enable the secure provisioning of attended and unattended remote support services. This means that IT end-users can invite support to view their screen(s) and share the control over keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, IT staff can remotely administer unattended remote computers, like servers located in server rooms. Both methods use end-to-end AES encryption to create secure, encrypted connections, and can be only operated by authenticated users with sufficient privileges. In addition, all remote connection sessions are logged in an audit trail, which keeps a chronological record of the remote connections and transferred files. The remote control features include: chat and bi-directional file transfer between support and the end user, drawing tools, screenshots, session recording, multi monitor support, and the ability to send ctrl+alt+del or view remote system’s processes and system information.


  • Support can be requested via a tray application
  • IT issues can be resolved together with users
  • Unattended computers can be administered
  • Remote control sessions can be recorded


  • Reduces service calls and shortens issue resolution time
  • Increases user education and knowledge transfer
  • Saves time and effort
  • Enables analysis, improvement, and reuse of provided solutions

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