We support all major operating systems


Miradore Online simplifies the management of Macs for IT departments and service providers.

Get information on your Macs’ encryption status, apps and hardware specifications. Miradore lets you manage your macOS Mojave and High Sierra devices remotely and automate the device enrollment and configuration tasks.

Apple Business Manager Device Enrollment

Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is part of the Apple Business Manager concept. With Apple DEP, you can automate and enforce the enrollment of your Apple devices in an enterprise mobility management solution.

The device users cannot remove the device management profile from the devices. This ensures your devices will remain under control and protected − even if the device would be reset back to factory settings.

Device and Data Security

Miradore’s restriction profiles for macOS help you increase productivity, ensure data security and data compliance across the organization.
Gain control of configurations and installations and restrict the use of device functionalities and application use.


Remote Device Management

You can remotely lock, wipe, reboot and turn off your organizatios Apple macOS devices. In addition, you can distribute your Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection settings to devices remotely.

Management Automation

Automate device enrollment and business policy deployment. Use Miradore Business Policies to automate the deployment of restriction and configuration profiles to your macOS devices.