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Operating System and Software Deployment

Automating routine manual actions improves service quality and greatly reduces operative costs. In short, less waiting time equals happier end users.

In Miradore Management Suite, you can build so called installation packages, which contain specific instructions for Miradore clients to independently perform administrative tasks, such as device configuration changes, or software installation in a managed computer. The benefit of packaging is that, once created, the installation packages are stored in Miradore Management Suite, and the packages can be easily distributed to any number of computers with a few clicks. This makes recurring administrative tasks easy to automate and repeat in an uniform way.

Miradore also has a fully automated initial installation tool, which enables a truly remote operating system deployment and installation of initial configurations like regional settings, drivers, and company-specific settings. The feature supports all major Linux distributions and Windows versions starting from Windows XP. For Windows devices Miradore can also automatically create a recovery partition, which can be used to restore the computer to its post-installation state in a case of a system failure.

What’s best, you can also embed installation packages as part of the initial installation in Miradore Management Suite. By doing so, all required software can be remotely and automatically installed to a managed device immediately after the initial installation, when preparing a new computer for use, for example.

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