Take Control over blurring boundaries. Why MDM is a Must for Small Businesses



The use of smartphones and tablets is rapidly growing in many small and medium-size businesses. Handheld devices are easy to use and, of course, portable, thus enabling more flexible and productive ways of working. The other side of the coin, however, is that the devices’ mobile nature makes them much more likely to be lost or stolen than stationary computers. This is a risk to the business—especially if the devices are used to access or store sensitive data.

Most SMBs are far from the kind of volume where having an IT department or even a full-time IT person would make economic sense. Still, those business-critical iPads and laptops aren’t going to take care of themselves. The devices must be secured in one way or another.

Here are four features SMBs should look for in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool to help them secure their business’ IT—and help them more smoothly run their business:

It should be easy to install and set up

Mobile phones are easy to use: a few taps, a spinning icon, and you’re done installing apps or setting up e-mail accounts. An MDM solution shouldn’t be complicated either—you should be able to install and configure the software yourself.

If you’re working in one of the countless small businesses that pay for Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 because it’s easy, you should be able to find a product that allows you to set it up and configure it intuitively for all of your business’ devices.

It makes your mobile devices a known entity

Your employees can be iPhone devotees or Android users, but it doesn’t really matter: your MDM software should be able to manage your entire fleet of devices, including MacBooks and Windows laptops, too.

MDM software should always make available very thorough and automatically updated information about your devices in an easy-to-understand form, even when your business grows and the number of devices skyrockets.

Mitigate risks, Enforce policies and Control data with Miradore

In addition to the improved visibility and reporting capabilities, you should be able to perform the following device management actions remotely to your all of your devices in a blink of an eye, which takes your IT security to the next level. Protecting your data is a must nowadays, given the almost-daily security breaches.

  • Lock or wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Enable device encryption
  • Enforce the use of a lock screen passcode
  • Deploy email and WiFi settings remotely
  • Separate business and personal data
  • Through device restriction you can limit the use of certain applications, services and device features

It should be reasonably priced

Zero cost is not a thing we usually associate with business software that can scale from one device to thousands. However, the best MDM solution allows you to start for free; it can remain free or offer a reasonable amount per device as you scale or your business needs change.

Devices, even those that are refurbished, can be expensive. Subscriptions to business software and data plans for employees also contribute to additional IT costs. The cost to manage all of these devices and apps shouldn’t be prohibitive.

Miradore Online is free to use, with no restrictions on devices or time.

The free plan is perfectly suitable for small businesses just starting out with MDM, and removes the barrier to entry for getting your business’s mobile devices under control.

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With Mobile Device Management, you can ensure that your smartphones, tablets, and other devices are protected with passcode and device encryption, and it takes only a moment to set up and configure—so you can get back to doing what you’re good at, which is running your business.

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